Work Experience: Have You Completed School & Need Experience



We know the strangles candidates go through when searching for work and you do not have any work experience.

It is for this reason that Youth-hub is going on this campaign to bridge the gap between employer and candidate. we at would like candidates to register there names and required field in which they would like to gain work experience and we will find suitable employers in your areas to assist with workplaces.


We believe that with such campaigns we can reduce the unemployment rate for Artisans by 20% by 2021.

our Motto is “Empowering the youth” and that is what we plan to achieve by allocating work experience opportunities.


At this initial stage of our Campaign we will be focusing on Artisan careers.

Please fill in your details below and as soon as we get an employer in your area welling to offer you experience.

we will send you an email directly from us, it will be from “” if its not from this email server it is a Scam.

Please note

Youth-Hub does not guarantee placement and various employers will do their own shortlisting.

For previous apprenticeship for guidelines click here

Also check out NAMB website